April 23, 2021

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Fiber Gourmet Pasta – Light Rotini Pasta – Fiber-Rich, Low Calorie, Healthy Pasta – Made in USA, Kosher, Vegan Certified, Non-GMO and Has Zero Artificial Colors or Flavoring – 8 Oz (Pack of 6)

Price: $29.99
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Product Description

Fiber Gourmet Pasta
Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Fiber Gourmet Pasta
Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Fiber Gourmet Healthy Pasta – Hearty Taste Backed by Science

Fiber Gourmet takes all the guilt out of your beloved pasta and reintroduces them in a healthier, low net carb version that is rich in dietary fiber!

Thanks to our patented formula, we are able to preserve the amazing taste of pasta that you know and love and create the perfect substitute for standard wheat pasta with up to 50% Fewer Calories.

Standard Wheat Pasta versus Fiber Gourmet, how do they compare?

• Standard pasta has 41g of net carbs whereas FG Pasta has only 17g net carbs

• Standard pasta has a whopping 210 calories per 2 oz, whereas FG Pasta has only 100 calories/2 oz

• Standard pasta has a mere 2g of fiber whereas FG Pasta has an unprecedented 5g of fiber

Looks & Tastes Like the Real Deal!

What’s more, our pasta is not just healthier, it also has the same color, taste, and texture as standard wheat pasta – no more awful alternatives that are smelly, odd textured or weird tasting – it’s the flavor you’ve learned to love over the years.

Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Fiber Gourmet Pasta

50% Less Calories

Enhance your dietary regime with foods you really want to eat and don’t opt for bland recipes or experimentation with ingredients you’ve never heard of. With up to 50% less calories, 12x times the fiber of Standard wheat pasta, you’ll be able to slim down, eating what you like.

All Your Favorite Pasta

The Fiber Gourmet Pasta line includes all your favorite pasta variations so that you never get bored or eat the same. Discover the Fiber Gourmet Penne, Rotini, Elbows, and Linguine and treat your silhouette to a slimming meal or impress your guests!

Made with Heart, in the USA

Instead of internationally sourcing our materials, we make everything right here in the USA, with pure US ingredients. Our pasta is Vegan Certified, Kosher, Non-GMO Project Verified and features absolutely no artificial colors or artificial flavoring.

Fiber Gourmet pasta
Fiber Gourmet pasta

As Featured on Dr. Oz and Trusted by America

It’s so humbling for us to see our passion for innovation in food technology reach so many and be trusted by so many.

Our pasta has been featured on Dr. Oz, Prevention Magazine, and Good Housekeeping as one of the best alternatives that you can add to your diet. Discover how much flavorful your diet can be and keep your slim physique ready for summer!

Fiber Gourmet-All About Eating Right, Not Less.

WHY OUR PASTA ROTINI – Using our patented formula, we’ve created a healthier version with only 17g net carbs vs. 41g, only 100 calories vs. 210 calories, & an astounding 25g of fiber vs. the mere 2g of standard pasta.
THE TASTE YOU KNOW & TRUST- Forget about “healthy” pasta that are tasteless, have a weird texture, or smell funny. This great low carb rotini delivers the real deal, only healthier!
VEGAN, KOSHER & MADE IN THE USA – Our fiber pasta is made right here in the USA, with the finest ingredients available. It’s Kosher, Vegan certified, non-GMO, and has zero artificial colors or flavoring.
PASTA NOODLES MADE HEALTHIER THROUGH SCIENCE – We like to back our claims with science. Find out at our website why Dr. Oz, Prevention Magazine & Good Housekeeping have all recommended our brand.

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