April 22, 2021

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TruffleHunter Black Truffle Slices Carpaccio (2.82 Oz) Preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Black Summer European Sliced Truffles (Tuber Aestivum) Gourmet Food Garnish Seasoning

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Product Description


Made from the highest quality European Black Truffles (Tuber aestivum), expertly preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Black Truffle Slices – Gourmet Vegetarian Tuber Aestivum Shavings Fine Dining Food

Black Truffle Slices
Black Truffle Slices



Gluten Free

Nut Free




Black Truffles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Salt, Truffle Flavouring.

What are Black Truffle Slices?

Black Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum) are usually only available from June to August. However, our preservation process extends the life of the truffle, allowing you to enjoy the incredible taste of truffle all year. We select the highest quality truffles and shave them into 2mm slices, which are then soaked in a salt brine to enhance the flavour, before being preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

What does it taste like? The truffle is firm to the bite, followed by a rich & earthy black truffle flavour.

How should I use it? Use straight from the jar as a luxury garnish for almost anything; we recommend trying on scrambled eggs, pasta or salads.

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Recipe Suggestion for Black Truffle Slices
Recipe Suggestion for Black Truffle Slices

Recipe Suggestion – Bacon and Truffle Mac and Cheese

Cooking Method

Step 1: Blanch macaroni in boiling water until nearly cooked through (still has a slight crunch).

Step 2: Grill bacon until golden then cut into lardons. (strips 5mm thick and the full width of the bacon)

Step 3: For the sauce. Remove skin, and half the onion put into milk with and warm the milk slowly, do not boil. 20 minutes should do.

Step 4: For the roux. Melt TruffleHunter Black Truffle Butter in pan big enough to hold at least 1 litre of sauce. Add flour and cook out for two or three minutes.

Step 5: Finish the sauce. Remove and discard the onion from the milk. Add the milk to the roux a little at a time all the while whisking.

Step 6: Once all the milk is combined, add 180g/ 6oz of the cheese, TruffleHunter Minced Black Truffle and TruffleHunter Black Truffle Mustard and cook out for 5 minutes on a very low heat.

Step 7: Combine bacon, macaroni and cheese sauce. Place in baking dish, top with slices of TruffleHunter Black Truffle and the remaining cheese and bake until golden and crisp on top.


Preparation: 35 minutes

Cooking: 45 minutes


Oven 180˚c/ 356*F/Gas Mark 4

325g/12oz dried macaroni100g/3oz smoked bacon

For the sauce:

1 onion500ml/16 floz whole milk3tsp TruffleHunter Minced Black Truffle50g/2oz TruffleHunter Black Truffle Butter50g/2oz plain flour220g/8oz mature cheddar cheese(grated)1 tsp TruffleHunter Black Truffle MustardTruffleHunter Black Truffle slices

About TruffleHunter

About TruffleHunter

TruffleHunter Quality

TruffleHunter Quality

Truffle Facts

Truffle Facts

About TruffleHunter

TruffleHunter started hunting truffles over 10 years ago in the Sibillini Mountains in central Italy. Today TruffleHunter manufactures a wide range of truffle products in the UK, from truffle condiments to preserved truffles, truffle cheeses and truffle butters as well as a beautiful range of truffle gift products.

TruffleHunter Quality

At TruffleHunter we always use the best truffles sourced from the finest truffle regions across Europe to make all our products in the UK. We take pride in everything we do as we want to make sure customers are satisfied with the quality for every purchase. We are always looking to find ways to improve our recipes to enhance the flavor even more. We’re the trusted choice of some of Britain’s leading chefs and we’re proud to supply gourmet food-lovers to enjoy our products every day. Become a 5-star Chef by simply using any of our tasty products to enhance the flavor of any dish. Our quality products are also suitable for many diets including Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarians Gluten Free & Nut Free.

Truffle Facts

Truffles are hunted by specially trained dogs who can sniff out a prize truffle a foot underground.

Back in the 19th century, the French food writer Brillat-Savarin called them ‘the diamonds of cuisine’ – and the myth was born. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Persians all claimed that truffles had ‘enticing’ qualities. We’ll just leave it there…


1.74 Oz

2.82 Oz

1.74 Oz

2.28 Oz

1.06 Oz

Kosher Suitable

Vegetarian Suitable

Vegan Suitable

Nut Free Suitable







LUXURY GARNISH: Use straight from the jar as a luxury garnish for almost anything to upgrade any dish; we recommend trying on scrambled eggs, pasta or salads.
LONG LIFE: Our preservation process extends the life of the truffle by up to 18 months, allowing you to enjoy the incredible taste of black truffles at any time of year.
SUITABLE FOR MANY DIETARY NEEDS: Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliacs, Kosher (KLBD) & Nut Free.
TRUFFLEHUNTER WARRANTY: Genuine TruffleHunter products are sold online with branded & security sealed gift boxes. Any product sold and/or received from Amazon without a TruffleHunter box is not new and will not come with a valid warranty.

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