April 23, 2021

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NEW European Bread Sampler #4 {4 Kinds of Gourmet Rye Breads (Ukrainian Rye, Old Kiev Rye, Country Style Ukrainian Rye, & Narochansky Rye)}

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Perfect present for any occasion or a real treat for you & your loved loves.**Narochansky Rye bread is perfect with cold cuts, soft cheese, vegetable salad. You should also try it with mushroom, chicken, or other vegetable soups. INGREDIENTS: Rye flour, wheat flour, water, salt, molasses, low yeast, potato flakes, caraway seeds, anise seeds, sourdough starter, dry malt.****Old Kiev Rye can be eaten with soups especially with famous Borsh. Old Kiev’s moderately salty taste and medium texture goes well with any cold cuts or vegetable salads. INGREDIENTS: Rye flour, wheat flour, salt, sourdough starter.****Country Style Ukrainian Rye is best with salo and Borsh. Distinctive light salty taste perfect for cold cuts, poultry, vegetable salads or soups. Our old family recipe.INGREDIENTS: Rye flour, wheat flour, salt, sourdough starter.****Ukrainian Rye can be served with cold cuts, salads or soups. Enjoy this bread toasted adding butter, sweet toppings or your favorite cheese.INGREDIENTS: Medium rye flour, wheat flour, water, salt, yeast.

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